Wednesday, July 20

08:15                 Registration opens

09:00-09:30        Opening and Welcome

09:30-10:30        Keynote: Philippe Block

                          Geometry of Compression Structures                         

10:30-11:00        Coffee Break

11:00-12:15        Functional Webs for Freeform Architecture

                          Bailin Deng, Johannes Wallner, Helmut Pottmann


                          Surface Patches from Unorganized Space Curves

                          Fatemeh Abbasinejad, Pushkar Joshi, Nina Amenta

                          Rational Bi-cubic G2 Splines for Design with Basic Shapes

                          Jorg Peters, Kestutis Karciauskas

12:15-14:00        Lunch

14:00-15:15        CubeCover - Parameterization of 3D Volumes

                          Matthias Nieser, Ulrich Reitebuch, Konrad Polthier

                          All-Hex Mesh Generation via Volumetric PolyCube Deformation

                          James Gregson, Alla Sheffer, Eugene Zhang

                          Localized Delaunay Refinement for Volumes

                         Tamal Dey, Andrew Slatton

15:15-15:45        Coffee Break

15:45-17:00        A Multiscale Metric for 3D Mesh Visual Quality Assessment

                          Guillaume Lavoue

                          Optimising Perceived Distortion in Lossy Encoding of Dynamic Meshes

                          Libor Vasa, Oldrich Petrik

                          A Hierarchical Grid Based Framework for Fast Collision Detection

                          Wenshan Fan, Bin Wang, Jean-Claude Paul, Jiaguang Sun

18:00-20:00        Reception and Poster Session RLC (Software Award)

Thursday, July 21

09:30-10:30        Keynote: Chandrajit Bajaj

                          Geometric Processing for Drug Design and Discovery

10:30-11:00        Coffee Break

11:00-12:15        Coarse-to-Fine Combinatorial Matching for Dense Isometric

                          Shape Correspondence

                          Yusuf Sahillioglu, Yucel Yemez

                          Large-Scale Integer Linear Programming for Orientation Preserving

                          3D Shape Matching

                          Thomas Windheuser, Ulrich Schlickewei, Frank Schmidt, Daniel Cremers

                          An Optimization Approach to Improving Collections of Shape Maps

                          Andy Nguyen, Mirela Ben-Chen, Katarzyna Welnicka, Yinyu Ye,

                          Leonidas Guibas,

12:15-14:00        Lunch

14:00-15:15        Deformable 3D Shape Registration Based on Local Similarity Transforms

                          Chavdar Papazov, Darius Burschka

                          A Condition Number for Non-Rigid Shape Matching

                          Maks Ovsjanikov, Qi-xing Huang, Leonidas Guibas

                          On Approximation of the Laplace-Beltrami Operator and the

                          Willmore Energy of Surfaces

                          Klaus Hildebrandt, Konrad Polthier

15:15-15:45        Coffee Break

15:45-17:00        Multiscale Biharmonic Kernels

                          Raif Rustamov

                          A Complex View of Barycentric Mappings

                          Ofir Weber, Mirela Ben-Chen, Craig Gotsman, Kai Hormann

                          As-Killing-As-Possible Vector Fields for Planar Deformation

                          Justin Solomon, Mirela Ben-Chen, Adrian Butscher, Leonidas Guibas

19:00-20:00           Apero and free visit of the Olympic Museum

20:00                   Conference dinner at the Olympic Museum Restaurant

Friday, July 22

09:00-10:00        Keynote: Peter Schröder

                          The Quaternionic Dirac Operator

10:00-10:30        Coffee Break

10:30-11:45        On the shape of a Set of Points and Lines in the Plane

                          Marc van Kreveld, Thijs Lankveld, Remco Veltkamp

                          VASE: Volume-Aware Surface Evolution for Surface Reconstruction

                          from Incomplete Point Clouds

                          Andrea Tagliasacchi, Matt Olson, Hao Zhang, Ghassan Hamarneh,

                          Daniel Cohen-Or

                          Skeleton Computation of Orthogonal Polyhedra

                          Jonas Martinez, Marc Vigo, Nuria Pla-Garcia

11:45-13:30        Lunch

13:30-14:20        A Multiscale Approach to Optimal Transport

                          Quentin Merigot

                          An Optimal Transport Approach to Robust Reconstruction and

                          Simplification of 2D Shapes

                          Fernando de Goes, David Cohen-Steiner, Pierre Alliez, Mathieu Desbrun

14:20-15:00        Paper Awards and Closing Session


symposium on geometry processing

Rolex Learning Center, EPFL

Ninth Eurographics Symposium on Geometry Processing in cooperation with ACM SIGGRAPH